Judge Lisa A. Millard

Senior Judge of the 310th District Court of Texas

Arbitrator / Mediator / Visiting Judge


Judge Lisa A. Millard

  • Creative mediator/arbitrator for complex cases
  • Judicial experience beyond others
  • Experience you can rely on

Arbitrator / Mediator for complex cases / Judicial experience / Experience you can rely on

Judge Lisa A. Millard is a native Houstonian and grew up in the Spring Branch area. She is a graduate of The University of Houston and South Texas College of Law. As a litigator, she has handled well over 1000 cases.

Judge Lisa A. Millard is the Senior Judge of the 310th State District Court of Texas and honorably served the citizens of Harris County for Twenty-Four (24) years on the bench. One of the most experienced and sought after mediators for high net-worth individuals, she has heard well over 35,000 family law related cases.  

The Judge is experienced in complex litigation  involving divorce, paternity, child  support, complex business and property issues, intricate characterization and valuation, modification of support, possession and access, parental rights, pre and post-marital agreements and other child related matters.

Judge Lisa A. Millard is the mother of one beautiful daughter.  As a single parent, she put herself through college and law school.  She is the proud “Nana” of two perfect grandchildren.  Her experience as a single parent, as a working mother and as a grandmother enhance her mediation and interpersonal skills.

Judge Lisa A. Millard is a Breast Cancer Survivor.  During her tenure on the bench she heard a twelve week jury trial while undergoing chemotherapy.  She is devoted to families and devoted to helping parties resolve their conflicts.

Judge Lisa A. Millard believes that the mediation process is the best way to assist families in resolving their family law matters in a neutral and impartial setting. She has extensive experience in complex property and custody matters.

Mediation and Arbitration

Judge Lisa A. Millard has the extensive knowledge and expertise in divorce, child custody,  paternity, child support and property division matters making her the perfect person to assist you and your family with crafting a settlement that will be in your childrens’ best interests and a fair, equitable and reasonable division of your marital estate and other family law related matters.  She is an A. A. White Dispute Resolution trained Mediator.

High Conflict Mediation

Judge Lisa A. Millard has the level of expertise, knowledge of high conflict mediation, and an assertive approach that you need when you are involved with a high conflict divorce. When you and your partner are not able to reach an agreement about the terms of your divorce, Judge Lisa A. Millard will assist you in working out a creative resolution to your disputes.

High Asset Property Division

One of the most experienced and sought after mediators for high net-worth individuals. These types of matters include complex litigation including child related issues as well as property and business matters. Having extensive knowledge and expertise in intricate property characterization and valuation, issues of family owned businesses and specialized retirement accounts is why she is sought after to assist in resolving the most complex of cases.


Judge Lisa A. Millard has assisted many people and entities resolve their disputes via arbitration. She has handled over 1000 cases as a litigator. As a well respected member of the judiciary for over 24 years, she is well suited and trained to handle your case in an efficient and expeditious manner.


    1995 THROUGH 2019
  • Hirsch, Glover, Robinson & Sheiness (Associate)
    1991 through 1993
  • Private Practice
    1987 through 1991
  • Harris County District Attorney’s Office (Intern)
    1985 through 1986
  • South Texas College of Law, Doctor of Jurisprudence
  • University of Houston, Bachelor of Science in Education
  • Speaker: Family Law Mediation Training
    Center Seminar—
    “Mediation – When, Temporary v.
    Permanent, Earlier v. Later
    in the Litigation Process” (October
  • Speaker: Family Law Mediation
    Training Seminar –
    “Symposium: Pitfalls In Mediation”
    (October 1997)
  • Family/Probate Bench Bar
    Conference – “How To Win
    Your Case – The Judges Tell It Like It
    Is” (October 1998)
  • Gulf Coast Family Law Specialists –
    “Top Ten
    Blunders Good Lawyers Make”
    (September 1998)
  • Moderator: Harris County Judge
    Orientation – “Panel
    Discussion By Judges” (December 1998)
  • Speaker: Hamilton Junior High
    School Career Day Speaker
    (February 1999)
  • Speaker: Second Annual HBA
    Family Law Section Family Law
    Section Law Institute – “The Top Ten
    Mistakes Made By Lawyers”
    (March 1999)
  • Speaker: 22nd Annual Marriage
    Dissolution Institute –
    “Disqualification of Lawyers And
    Judges And Recusals Of Judges,
    Including The Visiting Judiciary:
    Inappropriate Behavior –
    Point/Counterpoint” (May 1999)
  • 25th Advanced Family Law Course –
    “Disqualification and
    Recusal” (August 1999)
  • Faculty (Group Facilitator) –
    National Judicial College,
    General Jurisdiction Course, Reno,
    Nevada (April 2000)
  • Speaker and Chair: 26th Advanced
    Family Law Course – “Who Ya’
    Gonna Call When CPS Comes A
    Knockin’” (August 2000)
  • Speaker: Texas Association of
    Domestic Relations Offices – “A
    View From The Bench On Visitation
    Enforcement” (October 2001)
  • Host with The Safe Family Program
    of “Child Abuse Awareness
    Month” (April 2002)
  • Speaker: The Bench Live: The Latest
    from the Judges on Practice in Their
    Courts (Houston Bar Association,
    August 2003)
  • Speaker: 2005 Family Law Institute
    – “How To Prosecute And Defend a
    Family Violence Protective Order—
    Mock Trial” (March 2005)
  • Speaker: The Trial Of A Family
    Law Jury Case – “ Closing
    Argument” (January 2008)
  • South Texas College of Law –
    Visitors Committee 2008
  • Speaker: 35th Annual Advanced
    Family Law Course – “ Evidence
    Workshop: Keeping It In, Keeping It
    Out ” (August 2009)
  • Speaker: 25th Annual Conference —
    Texas Association Of Domestic
    Relation Offices: “A View From The
    Bench” (November 2009)
  • State Bar of Texas, including Family
    Law Section
  • Family Law Council – Judicial
    Education for Associate Judges
  • State Bar College
  • Texas Bar Foundation
  • Houston Bar Association (Family
    Law Section, Litigation Section,
    Computer Law Section)
  • Houston Bar Association Planning
    Committee for CLE – 1999
  • Houston Bar Association Executive
    Team – Computer and Online
    Section – Counsel Position At Large
  • Planning Committee Member – 22nd
    Annual Marriage Dissolution
    Institute (1999)
  • South Texas College of Law –
    Affinity Group Steering Committee
  • South Texas College of Law –
    Visitors Committee 2008
  • Harris County Board of District
  1. Education & Entertainment
    Committee Chair 1998 to 2005
  2. Coordinator of Harris County Judge
    Orientation 1998
  3. Legislative Committee 1998 to 2005
  4. Purchasing Agent Committee 2001 to 2007
  5. Chairman, Purchasing Agent
    Committee 2008 through 2019
  6. Technology Committee 1997
  7. Rules Committee 2006 through 2019
  8. Juvenile Board Member 2008 through 2019
  • JUDGE OF THE YEAR AWARDS FOR 2001 (Awarded January 30, 2002) by Peace
    Officers Looking Into Courthouse Excellence (P.O.L.I.C.E., inc.)

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If you’re considering divorce or other family law issues, your top priority should be to guard the things you value most. Judge Lisa A. Millard  is ready to assist you in developing a plan which will best serve your interests throughout the decades ahead.



Judge lisa a. Millard

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